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Many visitors to the erectionphotos site have sent in questions. Here are some of them and the answers provided by the webmaster. As you are reminded in many of the answers, these answers are from a researcher and educational psychologist - not a physician or sex therapist. Nothing here should be considered medical advice or sex therapy. I have divided this section of the site up into several pages so that you won't have to scroll down so far to see some of the questions.Use the buttons at the top of each Q & A page to move on to other questions and answers.

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1. Thanks for the web site! For years I've wondered about my angle (curve down), and I enjoy the pictures!
1. Thank you for your positive comment on the erectionphotos web site. It's good to hear that it provided some useful information regarding erection angles. Sorry you had to wait years for the info!
Is there an ED drug better than Viagra?
Cialis and Levitra is faster-acting than Viagra. You can take Cialis as little as 30 minutes before you plan to have sex; whereas Viagra must be taken at least one hour before sex. You should also take Viagra on an empty stomach.

2. I found the information that the average male is "5 to 7" in lengh. How is the width measured properly from which point to point, or from the base of the testicle to the tip of the penis, it this the correct formula for messuring the lenth? Are there scientific ways for a man to gain length by diet or exercise. I would believe that a man with proper diet and low body fat percentage would have a better result. Now, I have conclusion for the female, what if any system is a measurement system for them. Thank you for your time.
2. Thanks for your questions. I'll answer to the best of my ability. First you should know that the 5" to 7" for the average male erection is often quoted, but it is not a very good statistic. The best modern study we have (Wessells, Lue, & McAninch, 1996, in the Journal of Urology) puts the average at 5.07." An erect length of 7" would be far above average.

You asked about measuring width. No studies that I know about measure width -- although condom sizes are given in terms of width. Instead of width, most studies measure circumference. It is usually measured at the midpoint of the erect penis shaft (and in some studies at the thickest point). It is measured by wrapping a flexible measuring tape around the penis. In the study I mentioned in the above paragraph, the average circumference is 4.84"

Length is measured along the upper side of the erect penis, usually with a ruler but sometimes with a flexible tape. The length is from the tip end of the penis to the pubo-penile skin junction, which is the point where the penis joins the abdomen. As far as I know there is no way for a man specifically to gain penis length by diet or exercise. Of course a healthful diet and general weight bearing and cardiovascular exercise are good for the entire body. The "exercises" of the penis that you see advertised on the web try to stretch the penis and are not based on any published scientific evidence. They sometimes quote evidence that quail wings can be stretched by putting weights on them, but this has no known bearing on the changing of penis length.

It is true that studies (especially an Italian study published in 2001) have found a negative correlation between body weight and penis length (meaning that greater weight is related to shorter penis). This may be because the additional fat above the penis conceals some of its length, no one knows the reason for this correlation.

I'm sorry, but I don't know anything about how female genitalia are measured.
3. Here is a question to ponder upon. What of age/obesity in shape/length/angle? There is that "rumor" that as you get older and more obese that it looses in size and length, or old+fat = small+limp. How true is that? 3. Well, the answer is that there is SOME truth in your statement -- but it is impossible to say "how true" it is. In a study published earlier this year, draftees in the Italian army (3,300 of them) were studied. They found that stretched penile length (which is closely related to erect length) is positively correlated with height (r = +.221) and negatively correlated with weight (r = -.136). These are significant but not extremely strong correlations. But the second figure does mean that, in general, greater body weight is related to a shorter erect penis. This may result simply from heavier men having a thicker fat pad on the pubic mound above the penis which obscures some of the penis length -- no one knows for sure.

Quite a few years ago Kinsey's research showed that if you compare men of various ages, the older ones tend to have erections that last for a somewhat briefer time than younger men.

I suppose these two findings validate to a degree your "rumor." However, when you accept a GENERALIZATION to be "true" you should also acknowledge that it does not apply to or describe every individual. There are numbers of fat men with long erections and there are some old men how can get hard and stay that way. I know this from direct observation.

4. Thanks for the great survey regarding penile angle and shape of erection! Actually I'm 23 and I was looking for such data a long time ago..... In the shape survey, it's reported that 0 % of men have n-shaped erection and right curve at the same time. As a matter of fact, my erection is n-shaped and right curved!!! The angle below the horizontal is about 5 degrees, with about 3 degrees for the right curve. I am quite happy with my erection! But I do feel that some men tend to exaggerate when speaking about their angles! Does the angle of erection have any indication on the penis strength or ability to penetrate? Do women find up-curved penises more aggressive than down-curved? Or is it just a matter of pride among men????


(second message) Thanks for your reply! I'm not left-handed, but, yes, i used to masturbate with my left hand instead! Furthermore, I used to wear my penis facing down when erect during my adolescence. I do beleive that all shapes, sizes, and angles can have good sexual experience, but what i needed to know what does a women think when she sees a horizontal penis (or a slightly downwards curved one), and what would she possibly think when she sees a high penis facing her own face!!!

4. The fact that 0% are reported for n-curve + right curve by Kinsey and by myself of course doesn't mean that there are none (as your own penis demonstrates)! It simple means that it is rare and was not detected by our sample sizes.

By the way, do you happen to be left handed? In the Kinsey data there is a slight negative correlation between handedness (for those who masturbate with the hand) and the direction of lateral penile curves. That means that for men who masturbate frequently with the hand, left-handers have a slightly greater proportion of right curves and right-handers have a slightly greater proportion of left curves. This relationship does not hold for males who masturbate by some other method, using a pillow for example.

I don't know of any research that reports partner's sexual satisfaction as being related to shape of erection. I think all shapes, sizes, and angles can have good sexual experiences.



Are erectile dysfunction drugs over-the-counter?
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition treated with prescription medication. Medical professionals do not typically recommend over-the-counter (OTC) ED supplements, and most are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).




(second answer) I'm glad you happened to mention that you used to wear your erect penis down in your pants. I asked over 110 men where they "wore" there erections while dressed, for example while attending class in high school. Every male has a memory of that!! The 75 individuals who remembered keeping their in-pants erections in the side position or the up position (against the belly) were considerably more likely to currently have a nude erection angle above horizontal. By a nude erection angle I mean the angle the erection makes with the body of a nude man when he is standing. (The pictures on this site are posed that way.) For the side or up in-trousers position the odds were 5 to 1 in favor of having a current erection angle above horizontal. For the 35 men who remembered keeping their teenage in-pants erections in the down position (against a leg or between the legs) the odds were in the other direction, about 1.5 to 1 in favor of having a current nude erection angle below horizontal. Of course these are correlational data and do not allow one to say the trousers position "caused" the current angle. It seems likely that the teen trouser positioning was chosen at least partly to accommodate the then-angle of the erection. But the effect could go both ways. And, based on other anecdotal information on angles, I hypothesize that the differences in current erection angle are, at least partly, the result of early in-trouser positioning. It may be that features of the erection such as angle and shape are determined not only by heredity, but by ordinary things men do or do not do. I know of nothing similar that might affect length.

Sorry, but I can't tell you what a woman thinks on seeing a higher or lower erection. Some women have filled out questionnaires for me, but that question was not asked. Maybe some of our female visitors will send in an answer to your question. Please do!

5. Could you find out if the angle, shape and size of an erection correlates with the distance the subject ejaculates? 5. Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, there has been no detailed and authoritative research (not by me and, as far as I know, not by any other scientist) on distance of ejaculation. Since there is not even much basic knowledge about distance of ejaculation, nothing is known about the correlations you asked about to size, shape, and angle.

This is an interesting question, but since it doesn't have any known relationship to sexual health or well-being, it is unlikely to get studied by a reputable researcher. I will keep this question in my file, so that if I come across anything on it I can post it on the web and/or notify you.
6. In my country, Portugal, there's a saying that gay men have their penisus oriented to the right, from the owner's point of view.

While I don't know if there's any true in this saying, I would find very interesting, very interesting indeed, a study searching for a possible correlation between shape or angle or size and sexual orientation.

Are you aware of such a study - especialy in what concerns shape and angle, since there has been a few reports highlighting a larger genitalia in gay men?

I hope you present us with more works like this in the future.
6. Thank you for your comments on my erection research site. I do not know of any reliable research that relates shape or angle to sexual orientation. I am fairly sure that the most common lateral orientation or lateral curve is to the left for both homosexual and heterosexual men (about 13.6% had a left curve in my sample). By comparison, only 1.2% had a right curve. This sample had a high proportion of gay subjects.

I agree that it would be very interesting to study shape, angle, or size in relation to sexual orientation and to other characteristics. However, it is very difficult to get subjects for this type of research, and especially to get an unbiased sample.

Since you mentioned reports of larger genitalia in gay men, I suppose you are aware of the Bogaert and Hershberger article The Relationship Between Sexual Orientation and Penile Size published June 1999 in Archives of Sexual Behavior, Vol. 28, p. 213-221. The problem with this study is that it uses Kinsey's data, which means that all it proves is that gay men REPORT larger penises. If you know of any other studies, please let me know.

My impression (not scientific) from my own research is that there is no significant difference based on sexual orientation.
7. I am 5'4" tall and have a erect penis length of 4.5 inches long. The only time a woman has ever seen me nude was my girlfriend but when she saw my erection she laughed at me and said i had a very small penis and told me i could never satisfy her basically she left me after that. I am wondering now if my penis will ever be able to satisfy a woman. She was i'd guess about 5'8" tall, a bit taller that me. Is tallness a factor ? Do taller women need a longer penis to satisfy them ? I am attracted to taller women than me, but mabey i should start seeing shorter women instead ? Is penis size a factor for most women ?

7. I'm sorry you had such an unsatisfactory experience with your "girlfriend." It won't help the hurt, but you're a good bit better off without someone who is so exclusively focused on penis size. I can assure you that many women, perhaps most, are concerned with the "whole package." I don't believe that taller women as a group prefer longer penises. It is very much an individual thing.

Probably the best thing you can do for your health and self-esteem is to go ahead and try sex with a willing partner. (I'm assuming that you are of an appropriate age.) The great majority of women are more accepting of various penis sizes than men are. They are just not as up-tight on the topic. I can assure you that there are some very accepting partners out there. And to some women, a man with a huge penis is a turnoff, and they would be more comfortable with someone of more modest size. If you get rebuffed a time or two, it will be worth it, because you'll eventually (maybe immediately) find some realistic and welcoming partners.

I also think you should try to figure out how you can come to terms with the size of your penis. First, you should acknowledge that the Wessells, et al. study is the most accurate study that we have to date and it shows that the AVERAGE erection length is 5.07" (not about 6" as reported in Kinsey and in my own study). I went into the raw data from the Wessells study and was able to find the actual measured lengths of 67 of the 80 study participants. Of those 67, twelve had erect lengths LESS than 4" (ranging from 2.95" to 3.94"). 12 out of 67 comes to almost 20%. That means that according to this study at least 1 in 5 men (maybe more) have an erection that is shorter than yours. I hope you can find some way to accept your penis as you accept the rest of your body.

I am a woman writing in response to the man whose so-called girlfriend laughed at his penis and then broke up with him. I want him to know, he's better off without her. I personally I can vouch for the fact that I have never known a woman to whip out a ruler to measure a man before having sex. I have been partners with men of all sizes, and when it comes to a penis, an inch or so either way is of no consequence. In my experience, men from 4-6 inches all feel about the same to a woman. It is really only the first 2-3 inches of my vagina which is sensitive to stimulation, so anything beyond that is not felt on my part. My fiance is well above average and it is often a problem for us. At 7.5 inches (I made him measure it), he can only penetrate me fully in very few positions. There have been numerous occassions where he got a bit carried away and thrust too deep, causing me pain. If his penis were average length, I know this would not be a problem. So I can assure men with around average penises, that they are more adequately endowed than a large sized man. Some people may say bigger is better, but those women have obviously not experienced a large penis.

One last thing. When it comes to men wishing to enlarge their penises, I say don't waste your time. Instead of worrying about size, thing about body image. Men who are ashamed of their bodies are less fun in bed, regardless of their penis size. Show me a man who is proud of his 4 inch penis, and knows how to make a woman laugh and smile in bed...and I'll give you a list of at least 6 women who would be interested in meeting him. Attitude is everything, size is nothing.

8. I tried most of the methods listed in the web for enlarging the dick size. none did work or give permanent increase, do you know about any facility do surgical operation to increase the length and width of the dick and how much it would be, please send me the address of the
hospitals or doctors who perform such operations, thanks.

8. I am sorry that I do not have any positive answers to your questions. I am not surprised that you found no permanent effect from the various "methods" on the internet that claim to increase penis size. These are not based on scientific evidence and, in general, are a rip-off. The only reason they are able to stay in business and make money is that many men WANT to believe in them.

There are surgical techniques, but I am unable to refer you to any specific hospitals or doctors. (I am a psychologist, not a medical doctor.) Many doctors who perform these operations are located in California. I personally do not recommend surgery for penis enlargement, and most reputable urologists (the doctors who know the most about penises) do not either. Typically these procedures are done by cosmetic surgeons. If the surgery is successful in increasing the length of the erect penis, it will also decrease the angle of the erection and make the erection less stable. That is because the suspensory ligament is severed in the operation. Thickness of the penis may be increased by injecting fat into the penis -- but the effect may disappear after a while because the fat is absorbed by the body. In addition, the surgery is VERY expensive, is not covered by most kinds of insurance, and there are a number of complications that can occur as a side effect of the surgery.

My own penis is not very big, and if I were personally bothered by that fact, I think I would spend money on psychotherapy to help me feel more comfortable with myself rather than investing in procedures with unpredictable and possibly dangerous results. I know this is not the answer you want to hear, but it is my sincere opinion.

9. Note: This site has received MANY questions on penile enlargement. Here are two more. I'm not going to include any more examples. (They've all been answered more or less like the one above.)

(a) I just received another (one of many) ads on how to add 3" in 11 days to the length of your penis. The thought came to me that with all the research you have done in the area of erections, you just might have some experience or knowledge about these ideas. Is this at all feasable? Do any of these programs produce the growth they advertise? Is any one of them any better than the others? I'm not unhappy with the equipment I have, but if I could add a little too it without doing any harm (and not costing too much) it might be worth it. Do you have any advice? I would really appreciate your help.

(b) I am a rather big guy, I am overweight by about 20 to 30 pounds. I've heard that since I am overweight and not in good shape that it will affect the size of my penis, is this true? Also, my penis size is a big concern to me, it has really hindered my sexual relations with girls. I do not go "all the way" with a girl because of my size, even the girl I love. My erect penis is about 4 inches in length, and it just really bothers me. I've seen the ads for penis pumps, pills, and surgery and they all say they will increase the size of my penis, but I am very skeptical, do any of them work? If not, is there any way to increase the size of my penis?



9. First, look at the answer above given to someone who had tried all the "other" methods and was ready to consider surgery.

There is no hard (pun) evidence that any of the non-surgical methods work -- even though you can find all sorts of testimonials that they do. People will swear to almost anything! If these methods really did work, they would be written up in all the most important magazines and scientific journals. This news would be shouted from the housetops. Instead these "offers" are from people who are ready to make money on the fact that quite a few men wish they had more of a good thing. There is some temporary stretching of the flaccid penis that can occur, but you probably add a little length at the loss of thickness -- which is a bad trade in my book. The stretching, IF it occurs, will affect your flaccid penis and not your erection, so it's no big gain.

10. Thank you for the information. I have felt inadequate and somewhat less endowed, your photographs and information certainly enlightened me. I must admit that I felt physical stirred by emotion looking at the examples. As a married man with two children I feel embarrassed admiting this fact. I imagine that there is latent feelings and emotions in me that I must suppress. Thanks again for bringing them out into the open.

10. You should not be surprised that you felt "stirred by emotion" looking at the erection examples. It does not mean that underneath you are gay.

In some primate cultures and some primitive human cultures (not our modern repressed ones) penile displays are used to communicate dominance and territory -- and the displays are meant for other males (not females, as might be assumed). So we all have something ancient built into our male genes that predisposes us to be interested in, curious about, and responsive to other men's cocks.

Look all you want. It doesn't hurt anything and it certainly doesn't change your sexual orientation.

11. I was pleasantly suprised when I found your web site on the different erections. I am a 45 yr old married man that has been curious about this since puberty. I noticed my n curve was different from others from comparing back when we were in our early teens and also noticed in any adult movies or magazines all the men would be showing an upward erection. I consider myself heterosexual but have an interest in your studies and find your website the most informative. Keep up the work. I wished I knew how to submit a picture I would gladly give one for your research.

(This man later successfully transmitted a picture.)


11. Thanks for sending your photo. I've posted it below so people can see what kind of curve you are talking about. Part of my work is aimed at helping men understand where they fit in the "big picture." I don't know if you noticed, but in my research about 15% of men had a n-curve erection. I can tell you from observing them that they were mostly like yours -- a gentle curve. There are a few that have a stronger curve, but most are mild. Think about the fact that 15% means somewhere between 1 in 6 or 1 in 7 men have this shaped erection -- so your shape is fairly common. I can also tell you that the n-shape is often associated with an erection angle that is horizontal or lower. So there are quite a lot of men out there (literally millions) with erections of the shape and angle of yours. I don't know whether this is helpful to know, but I hope so.

12. I am a 57 year old female - not involved with anyone at the moment. I have a dildo that measures 9" length and 2" in circumfrence. It is the only size that truly feels good. I have had some contact with 2-3 erections approximating this size. Since this is rare, I would lose interest quickly in an average erection and don't know how to handle this problem should it arise. I know this sounds weird because I consider friendship and many other factors foremost on the list - but.....I enjoy sex and when it comes right down to actual intercourse, I want to feel adequate penetration and power. I have not really addressed this issue as yet. In a really good relationship the sex is important to me. Any suggestions other than "Dream On".

12. Wow, you do have a dilemma! I can only imagine it (as a male), but getting "hooked on size," liking to be FILLED by something of substantial size, seems like a real possibility. Some women have orgasms during child birth -- so there is a definite erotic potential to having something really big in one's vagina. But, as attractive as this experience may be, I suppose you realize that it limits you (according to Kinsey) to only 1% of men (just 1 in 100 men). But Kinsey's data were almost surely wrong on this point. No one knows for sure, but the real proportion of 9-inchers is probably 1 in 200 or even 1 in 400. So, currently you're setting up tremendous odds against finding a mate who will satisfy you based on the size of his penile erection. You asked for some suggestions, so here goes. Remember I am a psychologist, not a sex therapist. This represents my opinion, I am not qualified to give professional advice.

First, if I were in your shoes, I would try some experiments to see if I couldn't develop some liking for orgasms that originate mainly from the clitoris rather than from deep within the vagina. Both kinds exist and are valid. Don't immediately think "This isn't my preference." You need to develop a second option so that you won't be tied to an impossible requirement for your male partner. From my own partner I know that women can have very satisfying stimulation and orgasms by straddling the male while he lies on his back and rubbing the female pubic area (including the clit) against the area just above the man's penis. (This process is generally called frottage.) The man's penis can be in your vagina or not. The penis is not the main organ of stimulation in this technique. The man simply lies back and enjoys watching your activity and may fondle parts of your body as you "do your thing." Most women can learn to have really satisfying orgasms this way. I know this is not providing that sense of penetration and power that you crave. Maybe you could just try to save that need for a separate time. If you have not gotten satisfaction from this frottage technique in the past, this will surely take some practice and some acknowledgement of the reality that you NEED a way of interacting with a man who doesn't have a 9-inch erection. Before and/or after you do your frottage, the two of you can turn over, and with whatever size erection your chosen partner has, he can enjoy thrusting in your vagina. Based on what you said in your letter, his thrusting probably won't be very satisfying to you, but you can accept it as "his" part of the total package. At another time you may still want to use your 9" dildo or let your partner use it on you (and he may want you to use a dildo in his anus, too).

I am just suggesting that anyone may have a better chance for a relationship if she figures out how to relate sexually to a man she's chosen on qualities other than erection size. You said those qualities are important to you. That's fortunate because erection size can diminish with age and erectile dysfunction is a fairly common problem that is related to aging. Men's erections are like a women's breasts, they change as time goes by. Other qualities have to be the lasting ones which hold a couple together through the years.

One last idea: If your partner is willing he might consider using a sex toy called an Extension, something that adds several inches to the erect penis. One place to find this item is Adam and Eve. This link is to their on-line catalog. Look under "sex toys" and then under "sleeves." There are several pages of products there. I have no experience with this type of item, but, if your partner is willing, it might be worth a try. Be prepared for the fact that the experience may be more satisfying for you than for him, but who knows? Or you could have intercourse once with the Extension (for you) and once without (for him). Creativity is needed! Well, I didn't expect to go on at such length (pun), but the main point of my research and my web sites is to try to raise consciousness that there is a great deal of variability in penile erections and that all of them have the potential for satisfying sex. Good luck!

13. Your websites and work are very interesting to me. I love the penis and its many sizes and shapes. One of my favorites is a downward bend.


To be frank the reason I think a downward cure is so beautiful is because it goes down your throat with such ease.

13. I'm glad to hear that you like my web sites. They are a kind of mixture of fun and information. I don't know if I am accomplishing anything, but I'm trying to get the message out that there is A LOT of variation in penile erections! Tell me about your liking for downward bends. I haven't heard many people express this preference.




What a practical reason! I learn something every day.


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